Android Call Another App

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An Android app typically has several activities . To take the user from one activity to another, your app must use an Intent to define your app s “intent” to do something. When you pass an Sending the User to Another App Shows how you can create implicit intents to launch other apps that can perform an action. Getting a .One of Android s most important features is an app s ability to send the user to another app based on an “action” it would like to perform. For example, if your app has the When your app invokes this intent by calling startActivity , the Phone app initiates a call to the given phone number. Here are a couple other intents and .Only works if app has a launcher activity. Intent launchIntent = getPackageManager .getLaunchIntentForPackage “com.example.yourapp” . startActivity launchIntent . works if we know the name of the main activity, even if not a launcher. Intent intent = new Intent Intent.ACTION_MAIN . intent..What is the best way to start one android app from another app?.