Apple MDM Solution Server
Apple MDM Solution Server

How To Activate Mobile Device Key Using Apple MDM Solution

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There are many advantages from Apple MDM Solution. The activation key is one of Apple’s highly sophisticated iPhone search features. This feature is created to prevent repetitive activation on devices that have been stolen by others.

This activation key will ask for the Apple ID and password used by the original user. Without Apple ID the people will not be able to activate the mobile phone.

By using the Apple ID the IPhone users will be able to erase all existing data on the iPhone device. For that, learn how to use MDM (Mobile Device Management) so you can manage the activation keys to search for your lost iPhone.

On iOS 7.1 or above it is equipped with Apple MDM Solution which uses the best version. Apple MDM Solution can keep secret code that you can activate at any time. If you are going to sell your iPhone then you must first remove the lock code on your device.

Apple MDM Solution
Apple MDM Solution

How To Manage Missing Mode On Apple MDM Solution

If you have “Search My iPhone” feature enabled then you must login to the iCloud account available on the device. You can enable Missing Mode on for free.

If the feature is already active then you can search and lock your lost iPhone device.

In IOS 9.3 or above you can even take advantage of Apple Mdm Solution to keep an eye on your lost IPhone moves

How To Enable My Iphone Search Mode On iCloud

Apple MDM Solution can not control activation keys that are not set at the start of a purchase. As for the iPhone that already has an activation key setting will be able to immediately know the position of the lost iPhone.

Here are the steps to manage the activation keys on the iPhone

  • If the user has an account to iOS then the user can disable it via the Settings menu => iCloud => Find My iPhone.
  • If the user does not have an account to iOS then you can still monitor your mobile by accessing then delete the list of devices in the member area

That’s the step to keep an eye on your iPhone to stay awake. iPhone is one type of high-end mobile phone. So for those of you who have an iPhone then you should also understand how to secure it through the features that have been provided by the company.

If you are looking for Apple Mdm Solution then you can always monitor the development of iPhone technology on the official website that is

You can also always have to keep an eye on your iPhone usage. And do not forget to always backup to the data contained in your iPhone. Because the data you have more expensive than the price of the iPhone itself.

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