Cell Phone Coverage Maps
Cell Phone Coverage Maps

The Importance of Cell Phone Coverage Maps

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Sometimes, when people choose the best carrier for their phone, they will search for carrier which is cheap, good in network and it has to provide large data for their convenience in using phone. However, not many people concern about cell phone coverage maps. What is that actually and is it important for phone? In order to get the best network service, you need to search the wide coverage so you can use it in different region too.

What is Cell Phone Coverage Maps

What are cell phone coverage maps? No one knows about it when they choose their carriers. They only choose for the best carrier with lower budget and also it has strong network. Just like the name, the coverage maps mean the range of your coverage in certain region. The best carrier might cover the whole region but you don’t know whether the strength. The network might be the same but it can also be different.

If you go to rural area, the network might work as strong as in the city but it also can’t work perfectly like you want. Is more coverage better than just ordinary coverage? Perhaps not all people really think about this because they don’t go too far. What is really important for the users is the coverage in their places where they spend it most.

Cell Phone Coverage Maps Free
Cell Phone Coverage Maps Free

The Important of Having Strong Cell Phone Coverage Maps

Actually, there are many applications to check out their cell phone coverage maps so you will know how big the coverage area is done by your carrier. However, you have to remember one thing about the truth of carrier. It carrier claims almost all coverage in US, it means that the coverage is the place where everybody lives. This is the reality where carrier also needs much effort to the place where people live so they can feel the benefits.

The problem is, their providers are strong in certain places and it is always in the area where they live because they buy the carrier there. But after they bring the carrier outside their area but still in the America, the signal and strength are different. You might feel that it is losing its strength because not all areas in America are considered as the perfect place for one carrier only.

The Common Problem of Cell Phone Coverage Maps

In certain places area of America, there are some carriers might be the best but after using it outside the cell phone coverage maps, then the strength will decrease. This is problem for some people because they want to have a cell phone that can connect them to internet and other people strongly. It is different with users that have more than one carrier. If you have one cell phone with dual sim card, then you can change it anytime.

You may find out which one is stronger and you can set your phone with it if your area supports it s much. However, if you just have one carrier only, it is wasting time for you to change with a new carrier if you move from one town to another town. That is why many people nowadays realize that they should find the best carrier that can cover almost all areas in one nation.

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  2. Interesting article and indeed you need to be careful when interpreting claims about network coverage. As you say, usually this is stated as a % of the population covered (which means the % of residential homes covered). It does not mean that the same % of the land is covered (unless it specifically mentions ‘geographic coverage’). Also, people only spend a proportion of time at home so the traditional population coverage claims don’t cover all the time that you spend away from your home. Given the importance of being connected the discussion of whether there is a better way to measure coverage, in a way that is more relevant to typical consumers, is an extremely important one.

    One approach is OpenSignal (disclaimer – I work there), where real-world measurements from users of a mobile app are used to plot the coverage maps. Instead of normal predictive coverage maps, the coverage maps on OpenSignal specifically show you where a real world user has measured coverage (or the absence of it).

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