Changing Cell Phone Carriers
Changing Cell Phone Carriers

The Reason Why People Love Changing Cell Phone Carriers

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Why are people changing cell phone carriers and what is the purpose? Changing carriers is something common but they do have the reason and something to expect.

Cell phone is something important for people to communicate with other people and a thing to make it happen is carrier. However, changing cell phone carriers is something common and many people do it often. What is the reason and what is their purpose to change their carriers while people you know have already had your old number? It is something not practical but still, many phone users look for their best carriers with affordable price.

Changing cell phone carriers, Is It Easy or Not?

Every phone has carrier because without it, you can’t connect to the internet, make a call to someone or send messages. Though they their chosen carrier, but they love changing cell phone carriers because they like complaining the old one. The reason can be various from one person to another.

It depends on the trouble they had. Some people may experience about expensive costs and they have to spend much money every week and month just to buy pulse. Other people may complain about the service and it can’t reach rural area or it lacks signal out of the town. The rest maybe experience the old technology and their carriers are not in 4G form. The change is easy but it doesn’t guarantee that you get the perfect one.

Tips Changing Cell Phone Carriers
Tips Changing Cell Phone Carriers

You Can Keep Your Number While Changing Cell Phone Carriers

You have to know your budget limit and also your need on this carrier. How long you use phone in a day and for what reason. If you always connect to the internet, you need a carrier that can make you keep in touch with it without paying over the limit. When changing cell phone carriers, you may keep your old number for some details and reasons especially if you just change your old carrier into the new one under the same brand. It is because the LNP or Wireless Local Number Portability.

The FCC or Federal Communications Commission stipulates that all carriers which are wireless must allow the Wireless LNP. It means your carrier needs to port your private number with no buts and ifs. If your number is local, you can change it without being afraid to change the number because you can have your old number too. But if you abroad for example you move from New York into San Francisco, then you need to get the code of San Francisco.

Changing Cell Phone Carriers Tips
Changing Cell Phone Carriers Tips

Rules to Port Your Number Before Changing Cell Phone Carriers

Before changing cell phone carriers, you have to understand about porting number’s rules because you can’t do it easily without knowing what to do and don’t. You can take your old number with you because the carrier has no right to stop it. However, you have to know that your carrier may not accept it if there is no obligation. People who can port their number must hold the primary account and the account is not shared.

If it is shared with family for example, then you have to make you own separate account before porting it. If the number you have is company phone, then you can’t port it because the service in under the name of company. Another rule is, though you owe to your former provider, you can still port it.

However, it doesn’t mean that you are free from the debt because you have to pay for termination fee earlier since you still have contract before changing cell phone carriers.

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