No Contract Cell Phone Service Pros
No Contract Cell Phone Service Pros

The Pros and Cons of No Contract Cell Phone Service

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Choosing between contract and no contract cell phone service can be really difficult. Cell phone plan with contract might be expensive, but at least you will always get the network priority.

But it doesn’t mean that no-contract plan doesn’t worth your money. There are some sacrifices that you have to make, but there are so many attractive benefits that you will get as well. To make sure you will make the right choice, let’s find out the pros and cons of phone service without contract.


The biggest advantage you can get out of a no contract cell phone service is certainly a cheaper price. What you pay is what you get so it is easier to control your usage. Whether you choose prepaid or postpaid plane, you will always have full control over your cell phone budget.

Furthermore, there is no need to pay for activation fee or cancellation fee. If you don’t like the service you get, you can switch to different plan or carrier without any extra cost.

No Contract Cell Phone Service Cons And Pros
No Contract Cell Phone Service Cons And Pros

If you need to work or take a vacation outside the town, you don’t have to worry about exorbitant roaming fee. Since your phone is unlocked, you can simply buy a new SIM card at the town you are visiting.

Another advantage you can get from a no-contract service is unlimited phone choices. If you prefer to buy a locked phone with contract, you basically can only choose the models that the carrier has chosen for you.

With contract service, the number of options is limited. You also need to stick with the phone at least until the contract is over if you don’t want to waste your money. So, if you want wider choice of phone models, it is best to buy unlocked phone.

Most importantly, no contract cell phone service doesn’t require credit check. So, if you have bad credit history or you are reluctant to give your identity only to buy a new phone, this is the right service for you.

No Contract Cell Phone Service
No Contract Cell Phone Service


The best thing about buying a new phone with contract service is the price of the phone will be much cheaper. This is because you are basically paying the phone in installment during the term of your contract.

So, if you ditch the contract, you have to pay the phone in its full price. It can be a burden considering how expensive new phone models are nowadays.

Furthermore, you have to deal with the fact that as a non-contract customer, you will never be the carrier’s first priority. If the network is congested, you might notice your connection is slowing down. This is something that contract customers will not experience.

Network performance issue might not be a problem for non-contract customer if you choose a reputable carrier. It means, you need to do thorough research first before settling with a service provider.


If you prefer service with lower cost but more flexibility, going without contract is certainly the best option. But make sure you pay attention to the network coverage of the carrier. It is important so you don’t end up paying more for your no contract cell phone service.

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