Cheapest Tesla Cell Phone
Cheapest Tesla Cell Phone

The Latest Tesla Cell Phone Models with Competitive Features and Designs

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Tesla cell phone might not be the most popular smartphone brand in the market. But it certainly has potential, especially with its latest models.

For the past couple of years, this company has produced trendy smartphones with features that can rival even some of the more popular brands. If you are currently looking for a great yet affordable smartphone, these Tesla models definitely will steal your heart.

The design of this Tesla cell phone looks very classy with super slim all-metal body. The curved edges make the design looks very charming. In addition, the aluminum-titanium alloy construction gives a very expensive vibe to this 5.2” smartphone.

The Amazing Of Tesla Cell Phone 9

It runs on the MT6753 octa-core 64-bit processor and equipped with 3 GB RAM. Thanks to the combination of the powerful processor and big memory, you will never experience slow loading with this phone. It also has fingerprint security scan on its back for better security and easier way to unlock the screen.

Furthermore, it comes with 13 MPix SONY back camera and 8 Mpix back camera. The back camera has stacked sensor which improves the picture quality, while the front camera comes with beautification feature for perfect selfie. If you love taking picture, this is certainly the right smartphone for you

Best Tesla Cell Phone This Year

Tesla Smartphone 9.1

If Tesla 9 already blows your mind, Tesla Smartphone 9.1 will get your jaw drop. It has all the great things from the previous model but with a little twist that makes everything better.

It runs on the same octa-core processor. But instead of 3 GB, this model comes with 4 GB RAM. No matter how many applications you run in the same time, slow loading will never be a problem. In addition, it also has the secure fingerprint technology. With this feature, you can unlock the screen in less than 0.3 second.

The best thing of this Tesla cell phone is definitely its quick charging technology. Thanks to this feature and the 3,000 maH battery, you only need an hour to charge the battery to 50%.

Amazing Type of Tesla Cell Phone
Amazing Brand of Tesla Cell Phone

Tesla Smartphone 6.2

If you need something smaller and cheaper, Tesla 6.2 can be a great choice. This 5.0” smartphone is equipped with all great things you can expect from a mid-range model. For such a great price, you will get a phone with 32 GB of storage, 3 GB RAM and also 64-bit octa-core processor.

It might be a cheaper model, but you don’t have to worry about the style. Thanks to its elegant all-metal body, this compact smartphone looks similar with the premium models.

The best thing about Tesla cell phone is certainly its competitive price. Compared to other popular brands with similar specifications, the price range is in the lower side. This is certainly an attractive point considering the quality and durability of each product.

As for now, this smartphone brand is only available in Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia and Romania. But as the brand grows bigger we surely will see Tesla cell phone in other markets very soon.

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