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Image Result For Android Recent Apps Not Working

Image Result For Android Recent Apps Not Working

Has anyone had the problem with their recent screens recent apps screen whatever you want to call it ? It s the screen you see when you press the square icon at the bottom of your phone. Stopped working. doesn t work. It shows as empty even though I m using many different apps. I restart my phone .I own a Samsung Galaxy J . Yesterday i went out with some friends and my phone ran out of battery. Previous to this, the recent apps button the one which looks like sheets of paper worked fine. When i came home and charged my phone the button doesn t work anymore. The home and back .Electricpete Android Expert I m assuming not as you say you factory reset so there wouldn t have been any apps installed and still not working? Actually, it is acting like I am pressing the Recent Apps button constantly, even when not touching the screen and without a case or screen protector..I was facing a similar error with the Nexus . Safe mode and wiping the cache partition were not working for me. People also complaining about not be able to use the adb commands because the phone does not connect. One option I read about was doing a factory reset. This is probably not the preferred option so I found .


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