Cell Phone Safety Tips In The Workplace

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Image Result For Cell Phone Safety Tips In The Workplace

One Deadly Notification Cell Phone Safety at Work. Loss of Concentration. If your employees work with machines or other heavy equipment, they risk losing a limb when their focus is on something else. Walking Hazard. Texting and walking is harder than it sounds. Driving Hazard..When used inappropriately these devices can get employees in trouble at work as well as potentially cause serious injury. Equipment Accidentswhen employees have access to equipment such as forklifts, bulldozers, and other heavy machinery using a cell phone on the job could be disastrous and cost someone their life..As any employer with industrial machinery knows, preventing accidents starts with making sure employees are aware of their surroundings. The inappropriate use of cell phones imperils employees ability to recognize and react to hazards, such as passing forklifts, which can hit pedestrian employees..Donald Trump s White House has banned the use of personal cell phones in the West Wing. Even if you re allowed to use yours at work, follow these rules..

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