How To Clean Out Phone Storage

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Sure, I m diligent about shutting down apps to preserve battery life and keeping my camera roll under control so I don t run out of space. But when a quick look at my phone s memory uncovered a shameful trove of old voice mail, text messages, podcasts and audiobooks gobbling up my phone s storage space, I knew I .Storage space it is never enough. Sooner or later, it runs out completely, and a dreadful notification lets us know that it is time to do some mandatory housekeeping. But how should one go about it? Where do they begin? And what options are there? Well, the good news is that freeing up storage space on .Depending on your phone and version of Android, you can also move apps to the SD card to free up space. Users with Android Marshmallow and above can do this by formatting the SD card as internal storage. Then, the SD card will be seen as local storage on that device. The system will determine which .


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