How To Keep 3g On While On The Phone

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I don t know if is the phone or Sprint, but there s any way to keep LTE on while on a phone call. I know my galaxy and my IPhone s the LTE stay on during phone calls. Posted via Android Central App. I believe it is related to the carrier Most just use G for voice but LTE for data. Also, if all the phones are .But when it comes to G or G you will find that your data connection will work even when you are on a call. But there s a catch if you are using a dual sim phone and you are using internet on st sim and you receive a call on second sim your first sim will stop working and you would no longer be connected to internet..Ever since it lost the exclusive right to sell the iPhone in the United States in , AT T has touted a key advantage that its network has over Verizon s the ability to talk on the phone while using data from another app simultaneously. While simultaneous voice and data became possible on many Verizon .

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