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If you find it s a problem, turn it off by going to Settings > Face ID Passcode. In there, you ll see an option to turn off the “Require attention for Face ID.” Distance Matters Try to keep your iPhone X between cm from your face and make sure the front camera can see your eyes, nose, and mouth..Seasoned iPhone X users already know of a faster way raise and swipe. That s right, Face ID is usually so accurate that you can just swipe up no need to wait for the padlock icon to open when the TrueDepth camera is held directly in front of your face. You save a half a second, but when you re .If you find some situation where your images are incompatible with whatever app you re using, you can force your phone to save new images in the JPG format. Head to Settings > Camera > Formats and switch from “High Efficiency” to “Most Compatible.” iphonex formats IDG. Most Compatible will save .The new iPhone X is radically different from previous iPhones, but the setup hasn t changed much at all. The biggest difference from your current iPhone, is that you ll be able to take advantage of Automatic Setup. And of course Face ID has ousted Touch ID, so you ll only have to save one face, instead of several fingers..

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