How To Keep Phone Battery Warm In Winter

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Most smartphone batteries are lithium ion, which can stop discharging electricity in extremely cold temperatures, Roger Gurney, owner of Arctic Tech Solutions, If you absolutely need to keep your phone out in the cold weather, there are a few cases that are specially designed to keep phones warm..Smartphone batteries can drain faster and can suddenly shut down in cold weather There are special cases and gloves for using smartphones in Still a Kickstarter project, the dapper looking Salt Case claims it refracts the heat given off by the device back to the phone to keep it warm in winter weather..If you re in a temperate region, it may seem incredible, but smartphones actually stop working around F, and some at even warmer temperatures. Even moderately cold winter temperatures can make your phone or device seem sluggish. Don t be alarmed, but try not to use your device in very cold temperatures..

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