How To Keep Phone Connected To Wifi

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That s no good, and easy to fix Open the advanced Wifi settings by pressing the menu button, then Settings, Wireless networks, Wi Fi settings, and tapping the menu button again. Tap the Wi Fi sleep policy entry, and you ll get a pop up dialog with the choices you see in the picture above..Hi All, I have samsung galaxy S when my phone goes in sleep lock mode the wifi disconnects. when i unlock my phone then wifi connects again. I installed many wifi keep alive applications but none of them work Can you please suggest me wifi keep alive application which keeps my wifi .As convenient as G or G data connections can be, often Wi Fi is a better choice for faster connection speeds or simply for reducing data usage. You can decide whether or not to maintain a Wi Fi connection when the screen is off. Keeping the connection enables you to use Wi Fi immediately when you next use your .

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