How To Keep Phone From Getting Wet

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Several items on the market purport to keep your gadgets dry in these situations, but how well do they really work? And do you have to spend a lot to get And if you have to take your phone out of a bag or pouch to take a picture, the chances of it getting wet are a lot greater. It takes a hard plastic or glass . Cons This is more of an “in a pinch” option. On the Ziploc website a commenter reported that the Ziploc kept her phone dry when it plunged into a river on a rafting trip, but nobody would suggest you actually submerge a phone in a Ziploc bag. We did it, and it did eventually get wet. . I d like to keep it economical but I m also not willing to cheap out and waterlog my phone in the process. Sincerely,. Water Worried. The world is a scary and wet place as far as smartphones and all our other personal electronics are concerned you re more than justified in wanting to protect your phone .Use a substance with a high affinity for drawing out moisture. An inexpensive option is to place the phone in a bowl or bag of uncooked rice overnight, Rice Krispie cereal, or just cover the phone in paper towels. The rice might absorb some remaining moisture..

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