How To Keep Us Phone Number

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My family and I are moving to France for a couple of years, and while we plan on using a French cellphone plan, we also want to conserve our US phone numbers for when we return to the US on vacation, and more importantly for when we return for good. I don t really want to get into the reasons why we . If you live anywhere in Europe and are planning on moving elsewhere in Europe, Africa or Asia with the exceptions of Japan and Korea , your phone will work. If you are moving to the Americas, make sure your phone has the MHz bands. For those of us trying to keep our USA phone number . Feature by Erin Zipperle | @survivingeurope. A little less than a year ago, my husband and I decided to sell our things, pack up four suitcases and move from the USA to Salzburg, Austria. Why? Because we were searching for a new adventure. Living abroad would allow us to step outside our comfort zone, . Workaround You can get calls to ring to your cell if you have a US VOIP enabled enabled numbers say, a Jabber or Bria number for work. If you just insert that number into Google Voice and ensure you have the Jabber Bria other VOIP provider app on your phone, people who call your old cell from the .