How To Keep Your Phone Screen Clean

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Now that you ve been given your dream tablet or smartphone for the holidays, here are a few ways to keep your screens clean..

  • Clean Your Iphone Or Any Touchscreen Phone Clean

    In this video, we show you how to PROPERLY clean an iPhone, Galaxy, BlackBerry or any touchscreen phone! I’ve researched by going right to the BlackBerry and iPhone user manuals the people who know the product best!.

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    Your phone likely came with a microfiber cloth. If not, you can use the one that came with your glasses or pick up one from any drug store. The cloth will remove fingerprints, oils and any other smudges from your screen without scratching the delicate surface like a .

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    We have already shown you how to clean your keyboard without breaking it, but did you know your smartphone can be just as dirty and covered with bacteria? Here is how to properly clean your smartphone..

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    Editors’ Recommendations. Give your phone screen a spring cleaning How to make a touchsreen shiny again Keep your records looking and sounding sweet Here’s how to clean .