Iphone 4 No Service 04 12 09

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Image Result For Iphone  No Service

Image Result For Iphone No Service

Below solution worked for me. A solution is to set the date and time manually. If you take out the battery on the iPhone iOS .xx the date will be p. When you have set the date and time, remove the sim card and put it back in This should work par Anwar Areekkal. Hello i have a .I am very amateur fixing phone yet, since I am trying to fix iphones, you have been my best ever teacher. I am from Brazil and have learned a lot from your youtube videos. BTW, I did a mistake of prying up the battery, and an very very small IC was knocked off the board. I do not have yet the skills for micro .Hi.Everyone I wrote this article b`coz I think this unique product Superior Sim Ultra plus Realy needed millions .This is video is for OS X users! If you are a windows users, use the previous tutorial instead. You probably know .

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkuFL-nO0pA&w=625&h=352]

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