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Hello , my name is Guy. I Have an IPad mini and i cant sign in my AppStore account . My Ios version is . . WHen i write true AppleID and password AppStore say s “X apple AMD action_message”. Please , help me , i cant sign in my appstore account about weeks !!! iPad Mini, iOS Posted on .I have an apple Ipad and an apple iPhone and I use my same Apple ID for both just today I tryed to download a game from my iPad. I get an error message could not sign in x Apple AMD Action message pops up. I have not had this message before when downloading anything free from the Apple Store..Just updated to El Captain, and now I can t sign in into App Store, with an “An unexpected error occurred while signing in.” error Not only can I log in to iTunes and this site with the Apple ID in question, but it also continues to work successfully on the iOS version of the App Store on my iPhone and iPad..Q X apple amd action_message will pop up when im trying to download app. When trying to download app from the app store, the X Apple AMD_message will pop up and I can t dowload at all but my apple id and password are verified. How can I fix this? Thank you. iPhone s, iOS Posted on PM..

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