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Provided you ve already set the feature up which you can do by going to Settings > Touch ID Passcode and toggling iPhone Unlock to on go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button and toggle Rest Finger to Open to on. Now, you can unlock you iPhone by placing your finger on the Home button..IOS Pro tips and tricks. Allow selected contacts to bypass Do Not Disturb. Featured stories. Dude, where s my car? Fire up Apple Maps to find where you parked your car. Send smaller photos in iMessage. Time for bed. Turn your iPhone into a magnifying glass. Convert text to emojis. Prioritize app installations. .Tips Everyday Essentials. Tips Fantastic Photos. Tips Mastering Messages. Tips iCloud You. Tips Apple Music. Tips Apple Watch. Tips..Customise Control Centre iphone tips low power mode But iOS which has a few cool features of its own appears to have focused most of all on performance. . Checkout these iPhone Tips and Tricks!.

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