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Set it up via Settings > General > Siri or search for Siri . Turn on the Allow “Hey Siri” option and Say “Hey Siri” a few times to train itthat way, other people screaming “Hey Siri” in a crowded room of Apple fanatics won t activate every iPhone s present..Silence Siri in iOS . Siri can be useful, but it can also be a bit of a pain if you re out and about and Siri is happily jabbering away in your pocket. In iOS Apple has made it easier to silence Siri quickly and easily. You can use the Silent switch on your iPhone to control when Siri talks..Siri’s suggestions are kind of hit and miss. If you’d rather not see them at all, you can disable them by going to Settings >> General >> Spotlight Search >> Siri Suggestions, toggle off. iCloud Drive isn’t installed as a stock iOS app, but you can still put it on your home .Customise Control Centre iphone tips low power mode But iOS which has a few cool features of its own appears to have .

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