Tracfone 0 Service Days Left

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Along with signing up for minutes, TracFone s service requires that you re establish a service contract as well. TracFone dones this for several reasons . It keeps the company s database clean old accounts expire and they don t have to maintain the records in their active database . . It gives people .According to the Tracfone website, which agrees with my records she has about minutes and a service end date of . But her phone shows the minutes, but her service end date as . Why would it show the wrong end of service date and show service days, but .My husband has a tracfone. He went to use the phone and it says it has . minutes on the phone. It also says that he has service days left. What does this mean and how do we fix it so he can use the phone. He could not make a call on this phone. Thanks for your help. Show More. Show Less..