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It s the app that gives you system messages. Like if you restart your phone and you have data turned off, it ll pop up a message telling you your data is off. Nothing to worry about. Laura Knotek likes this. PM. Like . Home Forum Get Help Give Help! Ask a Question .Does anyone knows what PopupuiReceiver is?everytime i end it in task manager it starts can t be uninstalled or disabled from application Sony and HTC also has popup receiver. AFAIK it s also used by apps like Viber, Handcent, etc for SMS popups. It s not a Samsung only thing, it s an Android .AASAservice, AllShare Cast Dongle S W Update, Android System, Android , Android System, ANT HAL Service, App Sperre, Application installer, Assistant menu, Assistentenmenu, AT T Software update, AuthService, Backup and Restore Agent, Backup and Restore Manager, Beaming Service, BluetoothTest, .

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