Why Does My Iphone 5 Battery Die So Fast

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Double click the Home Button and you ll see the iPhone app switcher. The app switcher allows you to see all the apps that are stored in the memory of your iPhone. To browse through the list, swipe left or right with your finger. Now you ve really closed the app and it can t drain your battery in the background..And if you don t believe me, read on. Apple have created a website that explains their official stance on how to “optimize” your iPhone battery. Unfortunately, their instructions are rather wordy and don t really get to the heart of the issue. In case you re interested in checking that out, here s a link to the official iPhone battery .Once the battery is charged, the charging circuitry switches off until the battery level has dropped by at least . I ve left my iPhones plugged in overnight everynight for years now, as well as my laptop, various other tablets, ereaders, cameras and other devices and never had a problem. I do not know .